Statutory Notices


Contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor Hotline if you suspect theft, fraud, waste or abuse of public funds by anyone. Call 1-844-50-FRAUD or 1-844-503-7283 or go to



Each public servant must have a minimum of one hour of education and training on sexual harassment during each year of his public employment.

Every employee is notified that an occurrence/incident of harassment should be reported immediately to the Clerk or by calling the Hotline and speaking to Renee Culotta (Frilot LLC Law Firm) at 888-288-9988.  Forms for reporting are available in your office policy manual or available from the Clerk. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal, physical or inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment and will not be tolerated. Retaliation against a complainant or witness is prohibited.


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